With the constant changes that Instagram makes in the algorithm of the platform, we will have seen since this year that our publications have decreased their interaction. Many people have been complaining that they barely reach the same people as before. But as complaining is not worth it, you have to learn the new rules to take advantage of the new wave.

That’s why in this post, I’ll give you some tips on how to increase the engagement on Instagram. So that your followers continue to enjoy your content without missing anything.


1. Why have the Instagram algorithm changed?

Instagram is the social network with more growth in recent years, surpassing in growth to Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and even its Facebook matrix. Although it remains behind these in terms of use, its growth foresees that in the next few years it may unseat them as the most used social network.

Social Media Growth
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On the other hand, Instagram is the preferred platform between the Millenial Generation (1978-95) and Generation Z (1995-2010) to communicate. Moreover, among the Gen Z, prefer it before Facebook and WhatsApp, so it seems to settle for the future.

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It is for all this kind of things that from Facebook (the company that manages Instagram for a few years) you see Instagram with a lot of potential and you are preparing it with certain algorithms. Many companies are entering it to sponsor, and they need to know that the people who are inside it use it properly.

Therefore, now reward those users who use it the most, and what better content they publish, to the detriment of passive accounts. Because of this, you can get hurt if you do not know how to manage it.


2. How Instagram’s algorithm affects me

First of all tell you that all your content will reach only 10% of your entire audience. This seems unfair, but it has its logic.

Think that what Instagram wants is that you use its platform more time, and if you upload something, your audience will be committed to what you publish. This will imply to Instagram that you upload quality content.

And not only that, but how much you interact with your audience and how many likes receive your content from people. This will eventually give you more “points” in the algorithm, which will allow your posts to be shown to more people. Beyond that initial 10%.

Algoritmo de Instagram

Talking about algorithms and such may seem to talk about computer issues, but it is easier than it seems.


3. 6 keys to recover engagement on Instagram

In short, you will value more a photo / video that retains more people, who give more likes or comments more, than the mere fact of uploading a few things a day. Quality over quantity.

Therefore, we will have to take care of uploading content that is capable of hooking the audience to Instagram.

And what are those tips that I bring you today? Next I will indicate them to you.


3.1. Upload InstaStories constantly

Instastories has now become a key tool on Instagram. It is a great way to continue generating activity and interaction with our audience. But in addition, it is also a great way to promote our own publications to make them grow.

Being published stories at different times, so that people are aware of our activity, is something that will give us positive points to the algorithm.

This tool will give us much more visibility before a new audience. So it is also necessary to add up to the stories themselves.


3.2. Discuss publications from our community

Although this should be done on an average day, if you are too lazy, but you still want to maintain the engagement among your people, I recommend the following.

Half an hour before uploading something, start creating interaction with your audience: commenting on other photos, stories, etc. When you upload the publication, these people will have a greater interaction with your account (and personally) and may give you an extra boost in these first moments.

IMPORTANT: the new Instagram algorithm considers  low quality commentaries (or spam) those with less than 4 words in a row.

So comments of “Nice photo” or “Great” better not to put, because they are going to pull down our interaction. And there is no need to say those comments that only have emoticons, what a contribution …


3.3. Reply to comments

In the same line, when you upload a photo to Instagram and people tell you about the publication, it is very important to answer them all. I’ve said EVERYTHING, so do not give it up if you have time. In the first 60 minutes of having uploaded content, depending on the number of likes or comments will increase our future engagement. And answering them in that time will also affect the engagement and scope of this publication.


3.4. Use few hastags

When uploading your photo, you never forget to put the text (if you put it), and the hastags. You do well, and you’ll know that before you had a maximum of 30 hastags per photo. There was even the strategy of putting in comments the other hastags that you wanted.

But this has changed, the new algorithm considers this type of actions as spam (and with good reasons). If you want to go on the right way, I recommend you just to put 5 hastags per photo, and never in commentaries section, since that would lower the total interaction.

Think that if you see a photo, it is very unsophisticated to see so much label together, besides that you do not contribute anything to anyone (the function is only to position yourself in those hastags, as SEO). And this is compounded by repeating the same labels to each publication over and over again.

And if you do not believe me, you just have to see that, if you have a professional profile, the platform only lets you promote those photos that have between 0 and 5 hastags.

One piece of advice I give you is the following: do not use labels that are too big, and strip for the specific ones in your sector.

Think that the specifics will allow you to climb faster in them. An ideal example would be: 1 personal (from your account), 3 specific (from your sector, region, etc.) and a massive one (of the style #love, #picoftheday, #awesomeearth)

Who Forewarned is forearmed.


3.5. No more #Follow4Follow

With this new Instagram, the number of followers doesn’t have no more relevance, instead of the quality of the same and how much interaction your content has.

So if we have too many ghost followers, or bots accounts, following us, it will hurt us globally. It will be to the detriment of our growth, since there are many people who do not interact with our publications, and Instagram will see that indicator wrong.

The publications only reach 10% of our audience, so if between that 10% are profiles that will not pay attention to us, start and let’s go … You will be burdened by this lack of audience interaction. But HEY! You may have posted an excellent photo, but if they do not interact enough then the rest of the people in your audience will not get there.


3.6. Clean the Followers section

In relation to the previous point, having people who do not pay attention to you will harm you. That is why it is necessary to get rid of these accounts, either because they do not care what you publish, or because they are simply bots, or “I follow you, you follow me” accounts.

However, there are applications that allow you to clean in this section. Among all of them, I use a so-called “Cleaner App” that helps you discover these types of profiles. What you do next is to block those accounts, so they stop following you, and unblock them later (to avoid bad rolls).

We are leaving with the idea of: + QUALITY & – QUANTITY.

Cleaner App
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If you follow all these steps, you can surely recover the lost interaction with this Instagram change. I just want to make it clear that it is not as unfair as it seems. That is something more real (in terms of community) and that the only accounts that will lose interaction will be those that do not create community around them. It is necessary to stop looking at the navel once and see beyond our own numbers.

If you know more techniques, have any questions, or want to show the public your experience with this new algorithm, write it in the comments section.

Thank you very much to all!