We have all heard about the Blogosphere, and many times we access it to gather information about a topic: marketing, food, finances … whatever you can think of. There is information about everything, down to the smallest detail. Therefore, you will wonder if it is beneficial to have a Blog. Apparently there are many who own one on their website.

Therefore, in this article, I present below the different benefits you can get if you decide to create one. Without a doubt, the Internet provides us with innumerable tools, and with the Blog, the possibilities that are created for us are more than you imagine.


1. What is a Blog?

To understand what it means to have a blog, we have to be very clear about what a Blog is. A blog, although it is obvious, it is still a web page. But the particularity it has is that it focuses on providing content (articles, templates, infographics, data tables, etc.). Almost almost as if it were a personal diary.

CLARIFICATION: All blogs are web pages, but NOT all websites have to have Blog.


2. Types of blog

In the Blogosphere you can find an immense variety of blogs, which talk about different themes:

  • ⚗ Science blog
  • 👗 Fashion blog
  • 📱 Technology and Internet blog
  • 💚 Health blog
  • 🎮 Video game blog
  • 💋 Makeup blog
  • 📚 Book blog
  • 💲 Economy blog
  • 📜 History blog
  • 🎓 Educational blog
  • 🤔 Philosophy blog
  • 📽 Movie blog
  • ✈ Travel blog
  • 🕷 Superhero blog
  • 📢 Blog of bargains
  • 🍽 Cooking blog
  • ⚽ Sports blog
  • 🖥 Computer blog


It has been clear to us that the thematic ones in case you wanted to create yourself a blog have no limits. Talk about what you really like. Because surely there is already a thematic community about it on the Internet.

But all these same issues, depending on their approach, are included within some typologies. And what are those?


2.1 Personal Blog

It is the most common type of blog. In them, the blogger (person who manages the blog) publishes articles about their day to day, thoughts, experiences, or opinions on certain products, places, movies, etc.

In this case, if there is a personal journal function within it. The most common among these blogs is usually to create them from free tools, which do not generate cost.


2.2 Professional Blog

On the other hand, there are many people who, seeing the potential that this tool is generating, decide to project it professionally. You can already be offering services, products, setting up an online store, or even showing yourself as a professional to apply for a job.

In this type of blog, having a broader approach, you usually need hostings and domain purchases, which allows a more “professional” image of the web (or blog).

Through this type of blogging, the blogger usually makes and enhances his personal Brand.


2.3 Corporate Blog

It is very similar to the previous type (professional blog), only that it is incorporated in the web pages of companies. With a blog, a company can get better positioned within search engines, offer updated content and also “humanize” your brand.


2.4 Niche / thematic blog

This type of blog focused only on a specific topic. They can be specialized blogs in movies, music, travel, technology, marketing, etc. and they focus on specializing in just those topics. From there they will not leave.

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3. Advantages of having a Blog

Whether you are a person who wants to tell your travel experiences, or if you are a company that wants to update your content, this information that you will see below will convince you to create a Blog if you do not already have it.

In the case of having it, let yourself know what benefits it can bring you to have a blog of your own, so that you can motivate yourself to continue extracting performance.

Go for it!


3.1 Personal brand

As we talked in a previous article, having a blog will boost your personal brand. Your reputation in the professional or personal field will be enhanced, and you can position yourself for what you want; whether you want to do it to be a salesman, fireman, lawyer or shoemaker.


3.2 You will learn to write and communicate

The practice makes you have more and more versatility to write quality content, and you will learn how to focus your writing so that they communicate to the readers. It is something very demanded by companies, but in your personal life will be equally necessary. Concrete ideas and you offer them on a platter to your recipients.


3.3 Continuous learning

Forcing you to write content every so often will require you to be updated on the topics that you like. In addition, if or if you will learn new things and have a greater specialization in the subject, which in the future you can become an expert that companies demand for their projects.


3.5 Monetize and generate income

Each time you generate more visits and more influence with your blog, you can include techniques that will allow you to generate a passive income without you having to do anything.

At the beginning it will be difficult for you, but if you are constant and manage it properly, you can carry out sponsorship actions with other companies, affiliate marketing, recommend products or services, advertising, etc. All that yes, that deal with the theme of the blog.


3.6 Search engine positioning

Google loves that websites update and increase their publications, and give them better positions than those that do. Having content constantly in the arena is something that will benefit your website (you are private or company) to position yourself better in the search engines.

In this other article I indicate how to optimize the contents of your blog for SEO.


3.7 Increase the fidelity of your readers

It is normal that users value positively the free content that you offer them and that they read online. This will make them return to your website in the future, generating more visits and interacting / promoting you.

At some point, if you intend to, these same people could be the ones who buy you the products you sell. Or who recommend you to other users.


3.8 Get a new job

Currently, most companies conduct research on the Internet to find potential employees, or more usually to better assess current candidates.

A blog implies many things: knowledge, experience, autonomy, vision, strategy, will, etc. so if you know how to manage it properly, you can earn enough points with it.

8 benefits of having a blog


4. Conclusions

Now, if I could convince you of the benefits of creating a blog, what are you waiting for? The next steps that you will have to give will be the contracting of a hosting to store your website and the purchase of a domain.

What do you not know how to hire them, or even what those things are? Do not worry, in later articles I will try to explain what they are and what can come better according to your objectives.

The important thing is to start and put the theory aside. The world awaits you