This is me. The person behind the web. I'm not very outgoing, but I think it's a good thing for all visitors to know, at least, who is at the front of all this content.

Nice to meet you!

Alvaro Alonso

A short introduction

What have I studied?

Recent graduate on a Master in International Commerce Management (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Álava) and a degree in Advertising & Public Relations.

What is my job?

I am delighted to work in the field of International Trade, and to be able to help national companies to export their quality products in international markets.

Through my skills in Marketing, Market Research, International Logistics, financial operational management and contracting, I offer a quality service, through the Chamber of Commerce, to interested companies to develop their commercial activities in foreign markets, with a personalized and transversal approach in all areas.

What else can I contribute?

My time in the world of Communication has also helped me to acquire skills in the management of Graphic Design programs, media planning, creation / management of branding, SEO / SEM positioning, use of social networks and photography, which I can show in a certain way in my Instagram profile @alvaroah_93.

In short...

I consider my future within the International Trade, joining it with Online Marketing.

Future professions that complement each other perfectly, since we are entering a phase of globalization where companies / individuals will increasingly need to integrate digitalization.

The best of all is that they are jobs that I love doing, enjoying and improving every day.

Marketing Digital

My main objective with this web/blog; show my competences in this field, as well as disseminate content with it. And what can I do:

Graphic Design
Social Networks Management
Photo & Digital Edition
SEO Positioning
Content Marketing

Comunicación de marca

The career I studied, and from which so many things I have been able to take advantage of. Having a quality product / service is no longer valid, and the essence of everything is based on the communication of them.

Graphic Design
Planning of advertising media
Publicidad Online

International Sellings

I have always liked international trade and negotiation, which will be addressed from time to time in the blog. Meet people and new cultures.

International Marketing
Market Research
International Logistics
International Operational Management
Negotiation skills
Comercio Internacional

Apart of work...

Sports lover
Workcamps volunteering
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