Earn money … How many times have we seen those things on the Internet. Banners, pop-ups, dubious email … all spam! It is easy to play with the desire of people in terms of getting money is concerned, especially if it comes easy and fast.

This is not another of those posts that you will find flooding the network in search of visitors in return for attracting your attention vaguely (ok, if I want you to visit and read the post, but that the information can be really useful).

I come to talk about the passive generation of income through cryptocurrencies, and all you have to do is just use the search engine of Presearch.

But first, and not to deceive anyone, I want us to explain first that they are cryptocurrencies.

1. What is a cryptocurrency? And blockchain?

The official theory says that a cryptocurrency is a digital currency, designed to function as a means of exchange (often discovery). But it differs from fiduciary money in that it uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions, as well as to be able to control the creation of new units of a particular cryptocurrency. They are limited entries in a database that no one can change unless specific conditions are met.

Blah, blah, blah … They are virtual currencies, which can be exchanged and operated like any official currency, but these are not under state or banking control. There are thousands of them, different features and applications among them, being Bitcoin and Ethereum the most recognized.

Meanwhile, the blockchain聽is a shared digital book that records all those transactions of a cryptocurrency determined in two parts. In a later post we will analyze this terminology more thoroughly. We have come to talk about how to earn cryptocurrencies, firewood.


2. What is Presearch?

Presearch.org is a type of decentralized search engine, and it focuses on the needs of the users that use it. Through blockchain technology, and with Artificial Intelligence, it tries to introduce changes to global searches online.

The creation of this search engine is due to the lack of privacy and excessive use of personal data and browsing of users by the main search engines. Google controls more than 77% of searches made by Internet users. This monopoly has a direct impact on all sectors, and from Presearch pursues a decentralization of such volume through blockchain technology.

To see, no matter how hard they try, Google is indestructible, but the Presearch team is looking to create a transparent search engine, designed for the new open source internet.

Google, Yahoo or Bing amass billions of dollars at the expense of users with all the traffic. However, and this is interesting, Presearch wants to reward its users by rewarding them with their own cryptocurrency: Presearch (PRE)

This proposal is therefore linked to many others, such as the Steemit social network or the ‘Brave’ browser, with the aim of achieving a free internet of centralized entities in the future.


3. How it works Presearch?

Here comes the interesting topic. The main idea that we have to be clear is that Presearch has some tokens (cryptocurrency PRE) that is currently listed on the stock exchange. And if we use the search engine that they themselves have, they will pay us in that currency.

You do not have to fill out surveys, do repetitive tasks, or have to do strange tricks … You just have to search for words. That easy! The only way to get your tokens is using the platform as a search system.

The same as we do with Chrome or Firefox, but in a way, in principle, more transparent and private than with traditional search engines, and above all that you get something in return!



3.1. How can I earn money with Presearch?

First, you will have to create an account on the Presearch.org platform, where you will only have to enter an email and password, and the platform will allow you to accumulate the tokens in your own account.

Afterwards, you will have at your disposal all the search engines you wish to carry out your searches. You can find, in addition to the classics, from search engines for purchases (Amazon, e-Bay, Etsy, etc.), social networks (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter), banks for pics (Pexels) or to find domains.


With Presearch, the good thing is that you can have all your favorite search engines in the same template.

What do you want to find a Youtube video of your favorite channel? Or do you want to see if that shirt you wanted on Amazon is still on sale? Everything will be at your fingertips, but the best part is that you can generate cryptocurrencies with it.

This is the homepage of Presearch, where you can put your favorite search engines, and where you will see how many cryptocurrencies you have (top right).


That said, when you start the search, you will be added, for each one, about 0.25 tokens (PRE). Presearch will allow you to access your platform as many times as you want, but you will have the possibility to monetize 32 searches in your search engine, which is equivalent to about 8 tokes a day. It has been done in this way to avoid overloading the page and the issuance of cryptocurrencies by people who only use the search engine for the money. This does not interest Presearch since they pay for a search that is natural and reasoned.

If you really want to access the platform, I invite you to do it by clicking on the following button, which will take you directly to the platform.


4. How do I withdraw my tokens?

This point is the most annoying for some, since for now, the platform allows you to only withdraw the coins at the time you reach the 1,000 tokens.

Presearch has been used since December 2017, so it is a relatively new currency. And therefore, in order to stabilize its market value in some way, it delimits 1,000 tokens in order to start withdrawing money from the account. Calculate that if you are every day, with your 8 daily tokens, it will take about 4 months to get them.



5. Why you should be interested in using Presearch??

The main and most clear reason is that you will earn money by searching the Internet. Only that. You do not need more. The moment you want it, because you thought it was a waste of time, you can delete your account. They do not force you to anything, and you do not have to invest neither time nor money.

On the other hand, it can be interesting what future profitability this new currency can acquire.

Cotizaci贸n bolsa Presearch

As we can see in the chart, tokens today are at 0.096 USD/PRE. That is, with the 8 daily tokens, we could get about 0.76 USD, just by looking for things. Neither your mother paid you to look for things (probably because she always found it first).

That result each day would give us after a week about $5.37 per week (56 tokens), and about $21 per month (224 tokens).

But we are talking about the case to continue with this current quote. The cryptocoins, if something is characterized is to have high volatility (its value is altered enough). Above we see that at the beginning of the year it reached 0.72 USD/PRE. With that, those 224 monthly tokens would have become … $161 per month! And these numbers could, who knows, exceed even those figures, as has happened with other cryptocurrency. Time to time…

6. Conclusions

Presearch is presented as a project that aspires to a lot, pretending to become the first decentralized search engine. Also wanting to dethrone Google, which is now considered IMPOSSIBLE.

We are not fortune tellers, then determine what will happen in the future with this platform or with the quote of your currency is a mystery. But if it is interesting that in the near future, Presearch wants to create its own chain of blocks, with Artificial Intelligence. This will surely add value to its price.

In my opinion, I have nothing to lose with this. I will not lose money, nor valuable time. These are searches that you would do with Google, and in addition to charging, you have a larger set of search engines next to it. Therefore, I invite you all to create an account also through the following link.

Who knows if we all have a stroke of luck and we take a good amount at the end of everything.


Do you want to earn cryptocurrencies?

Click here to register and earn little by little your own tokens, just using this search engine.
If Google paid we would already be gold ... why not start with Presearch?