What is Digital Marketing?

Evaluate processes

Analyze performance indicators (KPIs), conversions, impacts (CPM), etc.

Statistics and Analytics

Calculate ROI (return on investment), analysis of online presence (Web & Social Networks).

Target Strategy

Discover how our target audience is, their intentions, needs, behavior ... and act accordingly.

Planning & Forecast

Reach more people, saving time with the automation of processes: email marketing, newsletters, social net promotion ...


The 4th Industrial Revolution is bringing with it a greater use of business processes.

Business Promotion Reach more specific market niches
Web Analytics & ROI Process efficiency
+ Conversion / - Spending Digital media oriented to the action of the clients
Benefits of Digital Marketing


Alvaro Alonso

Always learning from the photography and digital edition worlds (Photoshop & Lightroom)

Graphic Design

From logos, flyers, catalogs, banners, infographics... going through more elaborate formats such as posters and Web

International Commerce

My main profession. With the desire to offer products / services throughout the world, knowing new cultures and people.

Advertising & Public Relations

My university degree. Always wanting to spread and communicate beyond the limits.

More Info

And what can I do?

As much as if it is to design a new logo, create a catalog, manage social networks or positioning a website in the search engines.

Apart of that, I can do these things...

Inbound Marketing
Generate value for you target
Content is the King
Create a community
Foment customer loyalty
Online Advertising
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Google Ads
Google Adsense
Web Design
Content Management
Mobile optimization
Email Marketing
Increase your visibility
Create new leads
Generate conversions
Spread your message

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