Linkedin, the professional network par excellence, is increasingly used by more professionals around the world. It is the B2B platform (Business to Business) preferred by companies. In turn, the platform is increasingly similar to Google, in order to find candidates for companies or partners in certain sectors.

With an access to a gigantic network of professionals, the opportunities are endless. And with this, finding our profiles becomes an advantage for our career if we know how to do it. And that can be achieved through SEO (Search Optimization Engine).

For this reason, in this article, we will discuss SEO on Linkedin, and how to increase the visibility of your profile on Instagram.

1. What is SEO on Linkedin?

Search optimization within the platform, basically that. If someone introduces some keywords and you appear in the results, that brings some basic benefits.

With SEO, and through certain techniques, you will get LinkedIn (or any other search engine) to show your professional profile as the most relevant for a specific search.

With this I do not mean that you should advertise (that would already be SEM), but in developing a defined strategy that will favor organic searches.

Linkedin is a search engine, where you can find professionals, but you can also be found by them

2. What is the SSI (Social Selling Index) on Linkedin

The SSI (Social Selling Index) is an index created by Linkedin that show your “commercial efforts” in the social network. It is updated every day and is an important variable in Linkedin SEO.

In it, the scores of your own profile are shown, divided into 4 different fields:

  • Establish your professional brand – How complete is your profile on LinkedIn?
  • Find the right contacts – Do you do searches to identify prospects or leads?
  • Interact contributing information – Do you share content and interact with the contents contributed by others on LinkedIn?
  • Build relationships – Do you create links with other leaders or experts?

Each of these sections comprises 25 points (which gives a total sum of 100). The better each one of them, the better positioned you will be in the searches.

Social Selling Index (SSI) Linkedin
Cuanto mayor sea el SSI de tu perfil, mejores resultados de búsqueda obtendrá tu perfil.

3. SEO tips to increase visibility on Linkedin

So that we can appear at the top of the lists of the consultations, we will have to follow some key guidelines and increase the SSI. If you follow them perfectly, I’m sure you’ll receive more visits (and who knows if you can get a new offer).

Optimized profile picture

Yes, it’s the most basic thing I can tell you, but it’s so obvious that some will forget.

People who search on Linkedin, as a general rule will usually opt for those profiles that have a photo. These profiles receive 21 times more visits than those who do not.

SEO & Keywords

As we mentioned in this previous article, many times SEO will depend on how you want to define yourself or how you want to position yourself. What defines you? Why are you going to find keywords? What kind of profiles would you like to be found (target audience)?

That is why you must choose the keywords (keywords) for which you want to be found. Without that, there is no SEO worth.

If your job consists of being an IT worker, the normal thing is that in your profile, both in the description, as in the presentation text, and in the job positions, the keyword is included in all of them.

Keep the post updated

Surely it is the most key aspect of all, and you must always keep it updated. It is for this same section that recruiters will choose your profile or not.

These keywords will have to meet the needs of those who seek them. This position has been located in the title of your profile. If the recruiter needs an Export Director and you can offer, do not hesitate.

The title does not have to match the position you currently hold in your company. What you have to show here is what you are as a professional.

In the case of being unemployed or student, do not indicate that you are unemployed or studying, but that one since you would like to choose to have. Headhunters do not look for unemployed / students.

Create a good extract of your profile

The extract is basically the summary of your complete profile. The one that is right below your business card.

Most professionals usually ignore this section, but make a serious mistake. Here you have a great opportunity to talk about yourself and your skills.

But not only that, but to be able to optimize your profile better. You can take advantage to enter keywords from your niche, and your profile will benefit.

In my case, my market niche is International Trade, so I took the opportunity to indicate the following keywords:

  • Market research
  • International Marketing
  • Financial operations
  • Negotiation skills
  • International Logistics

Do not forget to rank them, since those words will appear before both the algorithm and the user who visits you.

However, you can always use the Google Keyword Planner to make sure which words are the most searched. Sometimes the term may be described in another way (eg web editor and / or SEO editor)

Optimized URL

As we explained in this article, having a simple and easy-to-read URL adds points in terms of SEO. Moreover, Linkedin allows us, clearly, to edit the URL of our profile.

What do you think will be better understood?


Obviously, the first is much better optimized than the second. Add to this that it will be easier to share the link.

Recommendations from other people

It works just like the letters of recommendation. Ask your former colleagues, bosses, teachers, etc. that you dedicate a few lines to your profile.

This will bring much greater visibility to our profile, and in addition to favoring the algorithm, it will give credibility to the recruiters or clients.

Inbound Marketing

Developing content in that area in which you would like to work is very important. You offer value to the audience and the algorithm, you show knowledge in the subject.

You can do this by creating the same content, or by sharing quality content from other people (better known as “content healing”).

To carry out this strategy, I recommend using Linkedin Pulse, a blog that allows you to publish valuable content on the platform.

Contact people in your same sector

Although Linkedin tells you to only add to those you know, do not follow that step to the letter. This is not Facebook and you do not have to add only friends.

Linkedin was also created to promote networking among professionals, so there will be no problem if you send requests to relevant people. Note that in Linkedin searches there are three levels:

  • 1st level: people of your contact list.
  • 2nd level: contacts from your own contacts.
  • 3rd level: contacts from this last ones.

The network will be extended to each person you add to your network, so it will facilitate you to appear in the searches of these people.

You have an established limit of 3,000 requests to contacts, so do not let your mind go either, but be aware that this possibility exists.

Use the Linkedin groups

Belonging to a Linkedin group that specializes in your niche is very beneficial. It allows you to have relevance, meet more professionals in your sector, get visits, etc.

Update your contact information

To finish, keep up to date all your contact information: telephone, e-mail, social networks, web page ?, etc.