There are three answers to a piece of Graphic Design:

Yes, No and... ¡WOW!


Diseño Gráfico

In an intense world, of fleeting moments, the visual elements reigns. It is no longer worth just having a quality product or service. If this does not communicate your identity and its differential value in the market, it will be forgotten in the minds of your consumers.

A picture worths a thousand words, they say. And in the new digital media where we move, the ability of a company / individual to capture the attention of its customers through visual elements becomes essential.

It is necessary to create a corporate visual identity, where the main concepts of the company are reflected. Something that reminds us later, and also with what your clients feel identified.

What proyect do you have in mind?

Design Programs

Photoshop 90%
Illustrator 70%
InDesign 65%
Lightroom 76%
Snapseed 80%

Therefore, all visual communication must be a whole. That it has a real meaning, in line with what we sell, and not just stay in something "beautiful". And this is done by:

Logo & Branding

Working the visible face of the company, we will have a better position in the mind of the customer.

Print Design

Creation of flyers, catalogs, business cards, triptychs, posters...

Digital Identity

Banners, landing pages, pop-ups, infographies, webs, etc. so your customers can also get in touch with your brand through digital media.

Logo Alvaro Alonso


In this section, I show you different types of media in which I have created graphic design for different projects.
From visiting cards, through signage, flyers, web designs, or digital banners. All own content.

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