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Implementing a Social Network strategy will favor the impulse of your business. Greater reach is in your hands if you know how to manage it.

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Social Media

The process of getting traffic to your website

The conversion is the dream of every manager of a website, whether it is an individual or a company. This is where the optimization of content is crucial, not only to have a better SEO ranking in the search engines, but also that visitors to our website (or networks) fill out a form, interact with our content, and finally… buy us.

The content that has been developed with appropriate keywords usually communicates more effectively, as much as that is a common link or point of interest with your visitors. This, in the long term, can lead to a higher conversion ratio.

Therefore, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, G +, Instagram or Linkedin, with their different platforms and uses, enter. The company that is in them will be able to generate a greater interaction with its public, attracting its potential target to its web.

Having a specific strategy for each social network, combining it with the rest to take advantage of its synergies, is an objective to be set by the companies that face the digital world

Facebook, King of Kings

Whether you sell directly, on the Internet or through an application, you are the one who knows best what steps to take when the business expands.

About 2 billion people use Facebook every month to keep in touch with their friends and family, as well as discover things that interest them. With Facebook marketing you can search for new customers and consolidate your relationship with them.


Tweet and viralize your content on Twitter

Every day more than 500 million Tweets are published, which are used by hundreds of millions of people to explore links, articles, Retweets, trends and Moments in order to learn more about the news.

Whether you are the CEO of a company that wants to consolidate its personal brand, a retailer that promotes new products, a mobile application company that wants to increase its downloads, or simply an avid user of more followers and likes, you will discover that the unique predisposition of Twitter users to discover new things allows companies and brands to connect with a relevant and interested audience.


The social network for the labor market: Linkedin

Creating a Linkedin page for companies is crucial. Why? Because Linkedin, today is not only the largest professional network in the world, but it connects 332 million users in more than 200 countries, of which 40% use it daily. And these data every day continue to grow more and more

Creating a company page on Linkedin brings more visibility to your business. Other members of the network can get more information about your business, your company policies, your range of services and even job vacancies.


Instagram, content by visual stroke

As it says that famous phrase, “Everything enters through the eyes” and in Social Networks this truth is applied all the time. Images and videos are among the most shared Social Media content.

Since it was acquired by Facebook, Instagram, the Social Network focused on visual content has progressively positioned itself as a highly profitable communication and advertising platform.


The social network of Google

Google+ is a network of great relevance and one of its clearest benefits is the following:

Improve your SEO strategy, growth of traffic to your website and the segmentation of your business in related communities. In front of other social networks, Google+ is an open and multidirectional network where the publications are indexed in the search engine and appear in the results of Google searches. So, the first thing you should do is create a Google+ page through a Gmail account and link your Google+ page with your website to increase the relevance of your company and thereby obtain a better web positioning.

Google +

What can you get?

  • Increase brand presence and notoriety
  • Attract potential audience to your content
  • Allows positioning SEO more efficiently
  • Create community with your consumers / customers.

How can I help?

  • Customizing the profiles in each of the social networks.
  • Content Marketing
  • Process automation (non-invasive)
  • Communication with the followers and influencers of the sector
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