Digital environments demand new communication channels. And companies have found an infinite variety of tools on the Internet to channel their commercial messages. One of them, and the most relevant without doubt, is the website. But how does a company or individual to reach more people? Through SEO, and clearly need at first a professional as the SEO responsible to improve it.

Before entering fully with this new digital profile, we must define what SEO is.


1. What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. According to the definition of IAB Spain, it consists of the “practice of using a range of techniques, including the rewriting of the html code, the editing of content, navigation on the site, link campaigns, etc. in order to improve the position of a web page in search engine results for specific search terms. ”

These search engines organize databases that they collect on the Internet thanks to what they call crawlers (or computer spiders) and a weighting algorithm is responsible for assigning punctuation to the factors that are defined.

Following the subject, SEO is one of the branches of search engine marketing, like the SEM, and both fall within the online marketing.


1.1 Differences between SEO & SEM

The most notable difference is that SEO is a positioning that is done organically, while, the SEM, through bids (money).

The SEO, of making a good organic positioning, will surely be maintained for a much longer period of time than the SEM. The positioning SEM, however, needs an economic bid to be placed in those positions for a certain time.

On the other hand, the SEM is more independent, since only the economic cost influences. While SEO, positioning will be affected by other factors, whether backlinks, algorithms, competition …

Finally, as a nuance, SEO is true that it needs more time to consolidate, needing more time to get results. The SEM in your favor has that the results are immediate, after creating the announcement.

Source: The Main Street Analyst

2. What functions does the SEO responsible have?

Search Engine Optimization helps to adequately disseminate a web page on the Web: it puts its effort into creating or analyzing the web, redesigning the web’s infrastructure, improving its constitution, creating interesting content …

In general, we try to give the web a reputation among competitors from the perspective of the search engine. To make the web visible where your customers are looking and to attract quality traffic to the site, with users that come from the target audience that interests them.

Its function is to facilitate the crawling for crawlers of search engines, eliminating any obstacle so that it can take weight in the preferential theme, without forgetting the secondary themes or secondary products.

If, on the other hand, the search engines can not decipher the content of the web, there will be a lot of ambiguity in its tracking and it will not be important for the system, which will make potential customers or visitors fail to see it in their searches.

No matter how beautiful, neat and usable a web page is, if our potential visitors can not find it then that is a big problem.


3. How does having a responsible SEO in your company benefit you?

Nowadays, this type profile is quite demanded by companies. No strategy is proposed avoiding a sales channel with the magnitude of potential customers such as the Internet; In other words, SEO is money.

It is the best way, the most economical and sustainable (medium and long term) to attract quality traffic. It obtains interested visitors in the best possible moment: when the possible buyer needs it. There is no better advertising impact possible.

And how do you train these new professionals in the sector? Although there is no basic profile to depart from, they can usually come from engineers or computer technicians, programmers or designers, marketing professionals, analysts and mathematicians, publicists … from all these fields of knowledge, companies can obtain professionals of this type for their organizational charts. .

And in all of them there are two keys in common: ability to work and passion to investigate. Having no formal training in SEO, usually characterized by being very self-taught and with a high capacity for research, either by reading information on blogs, forums of experts, documentation, bibliography, studies, etc.

Responsable SEO & SEM


On numerous occasions, the name of the company appears next to results that are not convenient. These may be due to a bad experience with a customer, product in poor condition or simply destructive criticism.

As these searches can not be removed from the search engine, the ORM (Online Reputation Management) comes into play, which is responsible for managing the company’s online reputation.

For this reason, the SEO will use that information related to the ORM to place the new content in positions of greater importance, overlapping the counterproductive contents in a certain way.


4. How should it be an ideal SEO responsible?

From the perspective of the company, a responsible person in SEO should have the following qualities: know programming systems, know usability and accessibility of webs, online marketing, information recovery, analytics, and above all, keep updated most of the time . Recycle yourself in knowledge.

It is because of all this that the profession of SEO responsible, despite existing only a few years ago, has great potential. In the present, it is situated in an unbeatable situation, being now the boom or powerful beginning of the profession.

There are many job offers, not only for SEO companies as such, but also for companies of all kinds, which makes this professional profile one of the leading and most recognized among the new emerging profiles.


5. Final considerations

Hiring an SEO responsible in your company will make your web page better positioned in the search engines. Of course, having your digital content positioned organically or through bids is something beneficial.

Allow your customers or readers to find you more easily, otherwise, you will not exist on the Internet. Always maintain a constant update in the media and restructure how many times you need the strategies for SEO / SEM through this profile: the SEO responsible.