Instagram is the most fashionable social platform on the internet. And surely whoever reads these lines is also in it. That’s why I’m sure you’ve tried to grow your account in a thousand ways, whether it’s using hashtags, following more people, etc. to increase your engagement and reach. Therefore, I want to warn you about what Shadowban is on Instagram and how to avoid it, because you may be being harmed without knowing it.

1. What is Shadowban on Instagram

You will have verified that Instagram has changed a lot in the last years: change of algorithms, new updates, Instagram Pods, etc. that have made the network change in a remarkable way.

These changes are partly due to the great interest of brands in investing marketing budgets to promote their companies. But also because of the growing interest of many people for the automation of actions on Instagram: bots, hashtags “spam”, purchase of followers

Therefore, to defend against this type of dishonest activities, more and more accounts suffer a ban, better known as Shadowban, on Instagram.

If you are some of the following accounts that

  • You have been using automation processes fraudulently
  • Accounts that innocently have fallen into the trap

… surely you have noticed that your content reaches fewer people, or that they receive less likes or comments. Or the same thing happens with stories. This is because you are under the yoke of Shadowban.

Instagram has never confirmed, officially, this type of bans, but it has released reports and indirect news on this subject.

And what does it mean that your account is under the effects of Shadowban? Well, your profile and publications will be invisible to other users for a period of time. And we do not have to be blocked, but our photos will reach fewer people.

Moreover, you can also check that your content will not be shown in those hashtags to which you refer in your footer. That’s why you will not appear in the search results either.

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2. How to know if I have Shadowban?

There is a simple trick to check if your account has been “shadowbaneada” or not. First, publish an image with a hashtag that is not widely used. Having published it, ask 5 users who do not follow you to look for that hashtag. If none manages to see your post within that tag, it is possible that your account has Shadowban.

However, if one or two accounts have managed to see it, it may be that your account is facing only a drop in engagement.

3. Why your Instagram account has a Shadowban

There are several reasons why your Instagram is banned by the Shadowban, and recognize what they are will help us remedy it in the future. Here are the reasons:

Use of bots and other autamized softwares

If you are delegating the promotion and growth functions on a machine, you are not truly growing. Instagram affects this type of dishonest activities and recommends not using them. What’s more, if you get caught in these kinds of things, they can ban you directly and delete your account.

Use of forbiden hashtags

Hashtags of inappropriate content, in which we can find obvious examples such as #Boobs #Ass #sex, etc. They can make you have Shadowban. Using these tags for nothing convenient can drag you down in the face of how you see Instagram that you use and promote your account.

Your account is oftenly reported

An account that is reported on many occasions by different users gives to understand to Instagram that your content is inappropriate. Therefore, they may deactivate your account or make you the famous Shadowban.

Using the same hashtags again and again

Before, it was the norm: save your favorite hashtags and copy and paste them into all the photos you publish. Now, it seems that this method will penalize in a certain way.

Exceeding the time / daily limits of Instagram

Instagram, like many other social networks, has daily limits and timetables to perform actions. And if you overcome any of them, it’s possible that Instagram registers you as a spam account.

In 2018, the Instagram limits are on the following numbers:

  • 200 Accounts followed (per hour)
  • 60 Comentaries (per hour)
  • 100 Likes(per hour)

Having these figures in mind can prevent us from many long-term scares.

4. How to delete Shadowban from Instagram

With all the possible reasons explained above, you can get the idea of how to prevent you from having Shadowban on Instagram.

However, you may have already fallen and you would like to know how to solve this situation. In the event that you believe that your account could have been sanctioned with the Shadowban, here is what you can do to remedy it.

Remove bots or automatic services immediately

To ensure that these external tools have been unlinked from your account, you must go to your profile, click on ‘Edit Profile’, and look for the “Authorized Applications” section.

If you access any of the bot accounts in the list, click ‘Revoke access’ to remove it completely.

Remember that it is always better to have 100 followers that interact and want your brand to have 1,000,000 followers that would never interact with your content.

Review forbiden Hashtags list

To avoid being penalized by prohibited labels, you should try to remove all that is in the list that you attached below.

Try to be selective from now on. Do not put anything to put and make sure everything is in order. And if there is any doubt, you just have to look at the page of the hashtag itself; If you see that the content is hidden you already know what to do.

Take some days to rest

Taking 2 days of inactivity on Instagram will be enough. Do not do anything at Instagram for that period of time, but everything will be in vain.

With this, your account will be reset in terms of uses of the network and in principle you will not continue having the problem of Shadowban.

Read the Instagram Rules and Terms of Use carefully

It is important to go according to the established rules if you do not want to have problems. Publish authentic, interesting and unique content, with the best practices to grow on Instagram.

It will take more time but there will be much more consistency and less risk.

And you, have you ever been a victim of Shadowban?

Write in the comments section your experiences, doubts or alternative solutions that you know, and share the publication if you liked it.