A digital personal brand … We’ve heard it in so many places, but we always connect it with other people. “That’s not for me,” “Why do I need one?”, “I do not have time for these things” … and countless more excuses. In a digital environment, where even companies (large or SMEs) need an online presence, it seems that the game does not go with us.

For what? If there is a great possibility of finding work of what I want in the sectors that I want? “I already have a Curriculum for that…” Companies also have a physical establishment, but you see … they delude them, they create identities and digital presence for I do not know what purpose….

Keeping the sarcasm out now, you will probably know that having a digital presence is something really important: creates visibility to your business, expands your network, generates more conversions, etc. That is why we are going to explain the reasons why you need a digital personal brand, in addition to explain exactly what it consists of.


1. What is a personal brand?

The Personal Brand is everything that you, as a professional, represent. Your online reputation, what they say about you who know you. Especially in the professional field.

Basically, it is what perception people have about your profile, services or products that you are offering to the public. Therefore, it is important to know how to position these values to this people, and know how to sell what you know you can do (and not what you are).

In an increasingly strong labor market, standing out from the rest of the competition is essential to get a job. Even to be your own boss and get clients for your business. It is no longer valid to submit just a CV. Companies seek more talent from their potential employees, more than certifications. At the end of the day, there are thousands of guys with your same university degree, like you.

Marca Personal


2. Benefits of creating a personal brand

I can tell you everything, that if you do not know what benefits a personal brand can bring you, you will not pay attention to me. That’s why I bring you the main benefits that having a digital presence would bring you.

Here the most relevant:

2.1 You generate credibility and trust

To be hired, or for clients to come to you, you need to build trust. Having a digital presence will allow customers to go giving you more confidence. Showing your experience, what to know how to do and with which clients or companies you have previously worked will reassure you.

2.2 You can specialize in the work you like

As is obvious, each of us has specific objectives and themes. The one in this blog is digital marketing, but yours can perfectly be that of the legal profession. Your personal brand can delve into this point, and make you more specialized in the field.


2.3 Differ from the competition

You will have your weak points and strengths, but they will not be much more different than the one next to you that also wants that position you want. Taking a CV to the interview, no matter how much you have qualifications to tutiplen, does not usually attract attention. But if you already have a pronounced online presence, such as having a Web, you can earn some very interesting positive points.


2.4 Create a network of contacts

On the Internet, you can meet with a host of people in your same sector, or even being from different sectors, you can use them at the time you need. Having an active online presence with social networks and showing valuable content, it is easier to access these people.


2.5 Increase your chances of finding a job

The “nethunter” can find you more easily if you know how to manage your personal brand. You are more visible to these scouts of companies that act on the Internet. Not to mention that you can offer a better image than a simple profile on Linkedin, or a CV on Infojobs, since you offer information and content of higher quality.


2.6 Prestige

You gain more prestige, recognition and notoriety among companies that want to hire you or customers who want your services. This will lead you in the future to be a more influential person in your environment.

Info Personal Brand


3. Personal Brand vs. Curriculum Vitae

Let’s see, the headline is sensationalist, you can combine both elements whenever you want. But if I want to make a distinction between the two, to show why it is necessary at this point of the film a personal brand, and not be so dependent on the CV.

Nowadays, in Spain the CV has always been done to be able to present yourself in conditions to a job offer. But times change, and the Internet opens a wider range of possibilities than before. The competition is very high now, and no one promises you that you will be at your job forever (either through the implementation of new technologies or something else).



It may be that for low-skilled jobs this type of things is not required, but if your goal is to have options to work in the highly qualified, you will have to stand out above the rest. And you can get it with a digital presence, either in networks or in a web platform.

Before we have listed among the options the possibility that our brand is one of the so-called net-hunters (digital scout). Therefore, it will be ideal that the first thing you find is your personal brand.


4. Steps to follow to create your personal brand on the Internet

You may want to build your personal brand right now, so I’ll briefly explain what are the main steps you have to take to create a personal brand in conditions In later articles we will delve more into more specific aspects of what tools to use.

4.1 Definition

In this phase, which is more conceptual, you have to ask yourself questions like:

  • What am I doing this for?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What am I going to offer
  • What makes me different from the rest?
  • Do I have any reference in this regard?

It is important to know from where we start, to keep in mind who we are, what we can offer and if what we offer is really of quality. Because if you find yourself, would you buy the products you offer? Would you like how you treat your client?



4.2 Strategy

With the moderately constructed floor, it is time to know what goals we are going to set to grow our personal brand. No matter how professional your digital structure is, or how beautiful its design is, if you do not know where you are going, you will be equally lost.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind what you want to achieve

  • Where do you want to be a few years from now?
  • What is your target audience?
  • To what geographical area do you want to go?
  • How long do I want to get it?

Objetivos a largo plazo


4.3 Hands to work

It is obvious that without doing anything you will not get anything, so you will have to develop an operational plan.

What do I mean by this? Well, you will have to materialize your personal brand with the different tools you have

  • Type of tools (web, social networks, etc.)
  • KPI’s (performance indicators) to know if you meet expectations
  • Will you have a blog? What social networks will you use?
  • Design of your Corporate Visual Identity (logo, business cards, etc.)
  • ActionsĀ & times to execute them
  • Contacts

5. Final thoughts

The world changes, and people must adapt to the new context to move forward with their projects. The treatment and communication are key elements to offer services or sell as a suitable professional.

Knowing how to manage a personal brand will provide you with better jobs, better clients, higher incomes, and, above all, be more competent in an increasingly difficult labor market.

Having a blog or being present in social networks is a good way to get faster and directly to your target audience.

Discuss what you think of the article and if you already have your own personal brand (or if you plan to do it) you can promote it in the comments section.