In thousands of occasions you will have found hundreds of articles recommending the Follow / Unfollow technique to grow on Instagram. What does it consist of? Well, it’s just waiting for reciprocity from the people you follow to do the same: follow you, give you likes and comment. They advise you to do so, you will easily get 100 followers a day. But they ignore / hide the damage that this can cause. Therefore, I will explain to you below why you should stop doing Follow / Unfollow on Instagram.

1. Mass tracking

The Follow / Unfollow trick, or what is the same, a massive follow-up of Instagram accounts, is a widely used technique. Especially for the accounts of microinfluencers (1,000-10,000). With this, they try to find new followers or clients.

The process of this technique is quite simple:

  • An account starts following you, gives you likes and / or comments
  • You receive the notifications and follow them back.
  • That same account stops following you after days

All very fun and practical, come on. In addition, there are currently additional tools that perform Follow/Unfollow action automatically, and carry a type of pre-established criteria. These tools are going to base the automatic search according to location criteria (geographic hastags), niche tags, etc. Through these, they begin to follow accounts automatically.

If you investigate a little you will find them, but since I do not want you to do it to me, I only mention it to you. I’m going to say one, but it’s paid, and there you if you spend your money on something that Instagram will start erasing in the future: Jarvee.


2. Why you should stop doing Follow / Unfollow on Instagram

The technique mentioned seems to have in principle what all the miraculous tactics pursue: to succeed quickly, easily and amazingly.

But like everything in life, if you go down that road, in the long term, everything will be disappointment and you will see that you have wasted your time. And maybe even money too.

These are the main arguments against this technique currently used:


Violate Instagram Rules and Terms of Use

It’s not because I love the platform, but I want you to see it from your own interest. Doing this type of actions what you will get shortly is that you expose your account. There is a very high risk of being detected by the platform, whether you do it manually or in an automated way.

In one of the lines of Instagram Terms of Service, the following is mentioned:

You must not create and / or manage accounts with the Instagram platform through unauthorized means, including, among others, the use of an automated device, script, bot, spider, tracker or scraper

And from the Instagram community itself, they urge the following:

Help us to stay free of spam by not artificially collecting likes, followers or actions, posting repetitive comments or content or repeatedly contacting people for business purposes without their consent

Ignore or skip the regulations can lead your account to deactivate functions, block it or even delete it. The first time you get caught, your account is usually temporarily blocked, but after that, you may be permanently blocked by Instagram.

There I serve it on a tray; who Forewarned is forearmed.


You put your credibility at stake

Following massively is considered a spam activity. And really this type of actions manipulate the attention of users in an unfair manner.

Follow / Unfollow is a mania of many cheating users that irritate us. We are on the platform to connect with more people and share content (whatever the quality is). And to endure this type of users is horrible. When one of these accounts follows you, leave a comment and after a few days it stops you … It’s better to run away.

Anyway, to counteract this type of expertise, there are tools such as HypeAuditor (of which I speak at the end of this post) that can help you with this. If you see these kind of spikes in fan charts, you can get used to the idea that they are massive tracking accounts.

As you can see, the figures of a mass follower vary very easily.

You may increase your number of followers, but actually your engagement rate will be affected if you do F / U. If you have many followers but they barely interact with your material, your account will be of low quality. In this article I describe it better.

You are generating ghost followers with it. And the more passive your followers are, the less reach and view your publications will have.

Instagram wants to offer material that is attractive to the public, and if you do not have them hooked, the platform will understand that it does not interest and will discard your content.

On the other hand, most users have applications that tell us who has stopped following us, which is why we already have them. This makes this technique something innocuous, and a touch of massive moral of the users, not getting much more.


How to identify accounts that do Follow / Unfollow

If I tell you the truth, it is not difficult to identify these types of accounts and attitudes. Most of them will only follow you. Some more generous ones will leave you some like another, but do not believe that they go much further.

They also tend to have followers-follow-up ratios quite differentiated (many follow and few follow).

In this article I tell you how to identify fake influencers or fake followers. Better to be warned.


3. How to protect yourself from massive followers?

The accounts that will follow you using automated tools will not interact with your content. They are not followers of truth, of quality. Having a large group of this kind is going to throw away your engagement, the quality of your audience and your potential reach.

For that reason, you have to get rid of them. And knowing who they are is essential. They tend to always pull for two groups of accounts:

  • Bots: People who pay to automate follow-ups, comments and / or likes with the intention of increasing their followers.
  • People who want to increase their followers immediately.

And to warn you about these types of accounts, I’ll give you a few tips:


Caution with hashtags

Earlier I mentioned that automated accounts follow accounts according to location or hastags. Use the one you use, surely you have some other follower of these, but there are certain togs that will attract 100% this type of accounts.

Massive labels like #beauty #fashion #picoftheday #love #foodpic etc. they are the typical ones that will attract the attention of these massive profiles. These are hastags that have millions of posts on Instagram, and thousands of accounts follow these hastags.

If your goal is to avoid Follow / Unfollow accounts, it is better to avoid using these types of labels.

The advice is also repeated for those type #f4f #FollowXFollow #follows that are so obvious. In this type of accounts you will only get followers if you follow them back, without adding more value from that.


Focus on the quality of the followers, not on the quantity

As we mentioned in previous articles, get rid of spam accounts. Clean up the followers that follow you only to follow them back.

Investigate who your new followers are, and if your content does not interest you, or you see that you have a surplus of 1,500 followers, block them. It’s about people in need of followers.


Help with tracking applications

Yes, you must also have external applications, just like them. With this point I mean to have applications of the style of ‘Followers – Unfollowers App’Ā or ‘Cleaner App’ to help you identify who are the ones who are going to do this type of tricks. In other posts we have already commented more times, clean your account of false ghost followers, but if you buy new ones, have a way to get rid of them.


4. Conclusions

With all the above mentioned, I think it goes without saying that the technique of mass tracking and without logic is a bad way to grow. Not because it is easy, much less, but because it is weighing you in terms of engagement, and what to say about what would disturb other users.

In addition, all these new followers, in case they see that you stop them, will do the same. It is an eternal take-and-give from which you will not go. And as much as you automate the process, Instagram is becoming more effective every time. Recently many accounts are beginning to fall due to these actions.

Do not be blinded by easy and immediate success, and if you have any effective way to grow on Instagram, leave me a comment in the section below.

Thank you very much for your attention.

A greeting.